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(Corrections of errors in the 2014 version of "Notes on Community Medicine")

The following are corrections of some errors that were noticed in the assigned book ("Notes on Community Medicine"). The line number refers to the number of lines from the start of a given paragraph (and not the page). A paragraph is simply defined as a block of text followed by a new line.

Page Paragraph Line Wrong or
Correct or
12 Last Last hospitably hospital nosocomial = hospital-acquired
13 2 2 man human
14 2 1 case of control case-control Wikipedia definition of Case-control
14 3 2 risky factor risk factor
18 Last 1 pyogens pyogenes
19 1 organism name should be in Italics
19 Last 1 Arthropod 3- Arthropod (This is the 3rd mode of transmission in the list)
20 4 1 Parentral Parenteral
22 1st Table 7 Attenuated Strain Killed/Inactivated Rabies vaccine is inactivated not attenuated
24 Last Last lakes lacks
24 Last Last deed dead
30 2 3 fulfills fulfill
35 1 7 Sterotococcus Streptococcus (or
37 1 3 affaires affairs
40 1 2 Combusting Composting