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Basic Microbiology and Immunology
(Micro 402) - Fall 2015
A world-class course at your hands here at FOPCU

News and Updates:

Periodical and Practical Grades

Please take a moment to revise them thoroughly. You will have ONE WEEK to report any problems with these grades.
Good luck with your exams!

Please take this survey before Tue 1 December's lecture: Answer the survey questions to help optimizing the lecture for your needs—RKA

7/11/2015 (updated 25/11/2015):

Prelab Files Are Here نسخة إلكترونية من شرح العملي
The prelabs are now posted on the FOPCU website.
This is Micro402-Prelab 7 (PDF file) for those of you who want to read ahead of the lab
Micro402-Prelab 6 (PDF file)
Micro402-Prelab 5 (PDF file)
Micro402-Prelab 1 (PDF file)
Micro402-Prelab 2 (PDF file)

Practical Course Start Date مواعيد بداية المقرر العملي
Because of the 6th October holiday, the first lab will start on Wednesday 7 October in the morning (and all students who will attend on that day will have no labs on 14 October, which is possibly the Hijri New Year; on the other hand, students whose labs are on Tuesday will attend their first lab session on Tuesday 13 October
The second lab session for all students will regularly resume on October 20-21.


Please find first week's lectures below.
To add some fun, I will ask you to answer a question before being able to open the lecture.
When you click the link for the lecture, you will be asked "Who is the father of microbiology", and you will be asked for a username: The username is the FIRST NAME of the father of microbiology (make sure the first letter is capital); the password is the last name of this scientist (also make sure the first letter is capital).

First two chapters of the lecture notes (Micro402 Book)
Because the book is still in press, please find the first two chapters (covered during 29 September's lectures) as a PDF file (opens or downloads on clicking).

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